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First fic

I'll be MIA for awhile, but I want to post a fic first.

Title: Beginings
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: FOB gsf
Wordcount: ~3,000

Andy sometimes hates Pete.

Its not that Pete is some horrible person, it’s that he doesn’t always think things through.

Fresh from the ashes of Arma and Racetraitor, Pete spends his time with Joe. Joe, who has ideas about a band that will have longevity. Andy is unconvinced, especially when Pete starts having sex with Joe. He found that interesting bit of information out when he walked in on them by accident in Pete’s parents’ basement. The three of them had tried being in bands together, and if it was going to work, it would have. Besides, he had no idea why Pete would focus his cradle robbing tendencies on Joe.

And then both of them start looking at him like he’s a particularly nice cut of meat.

He’s not sure what to do with that development. For one thing, he’s never given any indication that he would be interested in guys, and for another, he’s pretty sure they’re still fucking.

They dance around the issue of the looks for several weeks before Pete exasperatedly kisses him. He pushes Pete off him. Pete looks vaguely crestfallen. Crushed even.

“We want to start up another band, one that will last. Will you be a part of it?” Pete asks him, pleads. Andy has never seen Pete be this earnest.

He sighs, because he should know better by now. But he’s known Pete since he was Joe’s age, and that kind of time together has to count for something. “We need a fourth guy. Find another guy, and I’ll join.” he concedes.


A few days later Joe shows up at his apartment, a glint in his eyes that isn’t from drugs. Andy has a sinking feeling that Joe will want to kiss him. He decides to get to the point before Joe can.

“If you’re going to kiss me, like Pete did, I want to know why. Aren’t you two together?” he states, getting it off his chest.

Joe sits down on his couch, settling in, choosing his words, thinking things over. It’s something Pete doesn’t do as often as he should.

“We are, but we want you to join us. Because we both want you. Because we want you to want us. Because we think that maybe we’d all be stronger for it. Because I think it could work out. Because Pete is in love with you. Because I’m in love with you.” Joe explains, gaining confidence.

Andy thinks about that, thinks about Pete and his issues, about Joe and his hero-worship, thinks about how making music feels like the most perfect thing in the world. How he wants to do that for the rest of his life.

But he already has set boundaries with Pete. He walks Joe to the door, kisses him fully then shoves him out, “Find a fourth member, Joe. Then we can talk more.” by way of a goodbye.

He feels like a jerk, but he needs time to think more, get over the panicky feeling the idea gives him, nurture the interest and want that’s there.


He doesn’t see either of them for a few weeks until he gets a call at 3 in the morning from an euphoric Pete, telling him to meet him at an all night diner. Pete tells him its important, life changing even, so he crawls out of bed, dresses and goes to meet Pete.

Pete already has a salad waiting for him when Andy gets there. He appreciates the effort.

“We’ve found our fourth. His name’s Patrick and he has an amazing voice, he has so much talent. He can play just about anything. So will you join us? Joe said you might.” Pete explains, smiling so brilliantly that it reaches his eyes. Of course Joe would have told Pete about their … conversation, Andy was expecting it.

“Yeah, I’ll join you. In everything.” Andy tells him and Pete is caught off guard, like he wasn’t really sure Andy would. Maybe he was.

They leave the diner and go back to Andy’s place.

As soon as the door is locked behind them, Pete is leading them to his bedroom, shedding clothes left and right, Andy right behind him. He pushes Pete onto his bed, kissing and biting him, Pete grinning into it. Pete arches under him and their cocks rub against each other, sending sparks running up and down his spine.

He finds a particularly sensitive spot along Pete’s neck that elicits this keening sound from Pete that Andy definitely wants to hear on a regular basis. Pete works a hand in between them and starts jacking Andy off, rough and fast, then smooth and slow. It feels amazing.

Pete’s thumb slides along his head, making him buck up into the touch.

They work up a good rhythm like that for a good while until Andy is gasping his release, Pete not far behind him. Pete grabs some tissues and cleans them, Andy balling them up and throwing them in the direction of the trash can and they fall asleep curled against each other.


Andy awakens to see Pete toweling himself dry. He stretches languidly and watches Pete’s eyes track the movements. Pete puts his clothes back on and Andy turns to look at the clock on his bedside table. It mocks him with displaying that its 2 in the afternoon.

“So I was thinking we could go get something to eat and head to my place. Joe’s gonna meet us there at 5. I told Patrick that I would see him at my house at 6. You up to that?” Pete inquires.

Figures that Pete would already have everything planned, he thinks wryly.

“Yeah, I’m up to that. Hey, how soon are we going to tell Patrick about us? He deserves to know something, don’t you think?” Andy asks and Pete gets this look in his eyes. Andy has another sinking feeling, this time about that look.

“About that, Joe is working on that. He wants Patrick to be a part of us and so do I. When you meet him, you’ll understand. He gets me, like you and Joe do. I want to keep him close.” Pete explains and Andy knows that he can only hope that everything works out.

Hope, and do some planning of his own.

“Alright. Let me take a shower and then we’ll go.” Andy says, granting his permission.

Pete goes in for a quick kiss that turns out to not be so quick. Andy smiles into it and when it ends, Pete nods and heads into the living room while Andy showers and gets dressed.


They head out and find a little vegan café that Andy is fond of. By the time they’re done it’s almost 4. They take a bus that stops close to Pete’s parents’ house.

They wave to Pete’s mom and head down to the basement.

Andy sits at the drums, working out a beat that’s been on his mind for a few days while Pete randomly plucks at the strings on his bass.

Joe wanders down the stairs with a grin on his face and a spring in his step.

“Hey guys. Patrick will be here in a few minutes. It’s great to see you both.” Joe greets and then frenches Pete then Andy. He draws away and then picks up the guitar that Pete keeps for him. They start playing bits of songs from Arma and some other bands and don’t realize that Patrick is watching them until he starts singing the lyrics.

It’s then that Andy starts to realize what Pete was talking about. It isn’t until Patrick has picked up the other guitar and is playing with them, voice ever constant that Andy fully understands what Pete was getting at.

Pete had witnessed Patrick’s talent and resolved to never let go. It was the same decision Andy himself would have made.

When they stop, Andy takes in the details that make Patrick up, and appreciates the fact that Patrick is also very attractive in addition to being very talented. He tries to stamp down the voice saying that Patrick is very young, a teenager still but he reminds himself that Joe isn’t much older. Reminds himself what it felt like to be 16 and hormonal. Reminds himself that he's only a few years older himself.

He lets Joe start up a conversation with Patrick, gives himself time to think. Andy catches Pete watch him watch Patrick. There’s a ghost of a smirk on Pete’s face. Andy knows that as soon as Patrick leaves, Pete will tease about cradle robbing, relishing that now Andy can’t say anything about his tendencies. He’s not really bothered as much as he would have been by this knowledge.

Joe asks for Patrick’s opinion on some indie label from the 70s and Patrick can visibly tell that he impressed them all with his answer.

Patrick looks down at his wristwatch with mild alarm. “I have to be home in a few minutes. It’s been great.” he explains. Pete offers to give him a ride home in Joe’s car and they leave the basement.

“So what do you think?” Joe asks him.

“He’s young.” Andy hedges.

“So am I and that hasn’t stopped you from joining us.” Joe shoots back.

“He’s young, but I think he’s the right fit. I hope he’s the right fit.” Andy clarifies.

Joe grins in victory at this.


Andy takes Joe home only to find a rumpled and extremely satisfied Pete lounging on his couch. He momentarily regrets giving them both a key to his place. Andy can guess how Pete ended up like that. So, from his vaguely awed and scandalized expression, can Joe.

“You move quickly.” Joe observes calmly. Being unflappable in the face of Pete being Pete will serve him well, Andy thinks.

“I gave him some pleasant fodder for his dreams.” Pete acknowledges with a Cheshire grin.

Andy decides that he should contribute to this conversation, try and salvage the chance that Patrick won’t be freaked out.

“Are you sure you haven’t spooked him? I don’t think that every day he joins a band and unwittingly a group of polygamists all in the same hour.” He tries.

Pete sprawls out. “Don’t worry. He’s going to want to see more of us. Or more of me anyway.” He shuts Andy down.

Joe sighs. “Greedy, impatience bastard.” He teases, sliding down in front of Pete.

“You both love me for it.” Pete grits out as Joe mouths him over his pants.

Andy goes to sit next to Pete, left hand on his cock and right hand in Joe’s hair. Pete kisses him, a hand snaking into his own hair and Pete moans into his mouth as Joe unzips Pete’s pants and takes Pete into his mouth.

He breaks away from the kiss.

“Maybe we should take this to my bed?” he suggests and Pete grins and nods at that.

They disentangle themselves and go into his bedroom. Joe is naked within minutes, Pete quickly following. Andy takes his time, savors the view that Pete and Joe make.

He joins them on his bed, Joe twisting over to him, kissing him deeply. Pete has slicked himself up, though Andy has no idea where the lube came from. He stills as Pete works a finger, then two inside of him. Joe is preparing himself, and then impales himself on Andy. They both gasp at the feeling of Joe being surrounded by Andy. Pete replaces fingers with his cock.

Soon, they’re all moving together, in and out, on and off. They come quickly, too new to the experience. Andy isn’t too worried, because he knows they have plenty of time to be like this. They make halfhearted attempts at cleaning up the mess and then fall asleep tangled up, limbs and arms everywhere.


He blinks his eyes open blearily to see the blurry shapes of Pete and Joe making out. He gropes for his glasses and they become crystal clear once he puts them on. Joe catches his eye and grins slightly, mouth busy.

Pete stops kissing Joe and starts kissing him. Joe shifts, sitting up a little more, touching himself and watching them. Andy lazily flicks his tongue against Pete’s, liking Pete’s reaction. They grind against each other for awhile until Pete rolls off him.

“I told Patrick I’d pick him up at 10 to hang out. Is it ok if I bring him here?” Pete informs them, directing his question to Andy.

Andy nods, knowing that Pete has already told Patrick he would be brought to Andy’s place. Probably after he helped Patrick have an orgasm, if Andy had to guess. Joe finds his pants and tosses Pete some change. “Call here first. Don’t want to shock him too early. And I mean that.” He instructed, being under the not quite dissipated impression that Pete would listen when he already had his mind made up.

“Pete.” Andy calls to get his attention.

Pete turns around, waiting for him to continue.

“Wait until the right time to tell him. Move too early and we’ll be out a lead singer, dead in the water before we can get anywhere.” Andy hopes that his tone will make Pete heed his warning.

Pete leaves and they share a look.

“You realize he’s gonna do what he wants, right?” Andy wants to know.

Joe nods. “Yeah, I do. Wanna make out?”

Andy leans over and kisses him fully as an answer. They lose track of time until the phone rings. They stop and a frantic search for clothing items begins and ends just as the lock to the front door is being turned. They go into the living room in time to greet Patrick and Pete.

Patrick looks at them askance for a moment and then they all greet each other.

Pete tosses Joe his car keys. Joe rolls his eyes mockingly, then grins at a joke Patrick made. Pete goes over to Andy, smiling slightly. Andy raises and eyebrow at him.

“Don’t worry so much. Everything is fine and will turn out fine.” He assures. Andy is still doubtful.

“Hey, me and Joe have to go do something. We’ll be back in a few.” Pete doesn’t specify what he means by ‘a few’ and Andy doesn’t expect to get an answer. Patrick looks flustered and Joe just goes with the flow, heading to the door, waving goodbye. The door shuts behind an assuredly grinning Pete with a sharp ‘click’.

“He does that pretty much all the time, so relax. He’s a great guy.” Andy explains.

Patrick seems to have recovered himself. “I’m getting that impression.” He grins at Andy wryly.

They get to talking about everything and nothing, and Andy realizes that he and Patrick really hadn’t talked before now. That was Pete’s goal. Or he just wanted to get a hot and bothered Joe alone in Joe’s rusty deathtrap of a car.

One of those. Maybe both.

Andy realizes, when Patrick is explaining about how he uses GarageBand, that Patrick has a really nice mouth. He wants to do all sorts of things to that mouth. He only realizes that Patrick is licking his lips deliberately to watch Andy track the movement after it happens a few times.

His life is full of epiphanies like that now.

What he doesn’t realize until its too late is that they are standing very close together, that they are both leaning in close, that his mouth is centimeters away from Patrick’s.

“We want you to go on tour with us as our lead singer.” He manages to get out before he closes the distance and kisses Patrick. Miracles do happen because Patrick kisses back. They fall onto Andy’s couch and Patrick somehow ends up on top, but Andy isn’t complaining.

Pete and Joe walk in to find Andy with his hand on Patrick’s ass, Patrick with his down Andy’s throat and hands everywhere a few minutes later.

They cough a little and Andy and Patrick stop. Patrick slides and rolls to sit next to Andy.

“No, don’t stop.” Pete begs and Joe is already taking off his clothes.

Before he knows it, Andy is being touched all over by Joe who is kissing Patrick while Pete sucks the teen off as Andy jerks him off. They have slid off the couch and are on the floor in a happy pile of torsos and nerve endings.

A great rhythm is worked up and everyone is moaning and sighing. They shift a bit and Patrick starts doing things with his tongue to Andy and then Joe. Someone comes and it sets off a chain reaction. Andy is seeing stars, so he doesn’t really care.

“I’ll join your band and go on tour with you.” Patrick says after he’s recovered some.

Pete shoots Andy a look and Joe is all smiles.

“Where did you learn to do that, Patrick?” Pete asks and Andy is kind of shocked. He had assumed that Pete taught Patrick those things.

Patrick looks confused. “What do you mean, 'learn'? Did I do something wrong?” Patrick looks worried now. Joe looks like all the holidays that Andy doesn’t believe in are happening all at once. Pete just kisses Patrick.

“Everything is great. You were awesome.” Pete assures him.

Andy sometimes hates Pete, but Pete is definitely a genius. A moronic genius, but a genius nonetheless.

~ fini
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