Vampire Beckett has no use for Edward Cullen (dandy_fetish) wrote in fobgsfchallenge,
Vampire Beckett has no use for Edward Cullen

Reason to Stay (one shot, 16-Candlesverse, GSF)

Title: Reason to Stay
Rating: NC-17 (language, vampirism, graphic sex)
Pairings: Pete/Patrick/Andy/Joe
Bands: Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is...
Summary: Pete was never sure why he could fight off Beckett's control. But Beckett will go to any length to own him.
Notes: Unbeta'd. If you catch something let me know. I don't own any of the pretty boys mentioned in here, and they are all very very pretty. This is GSF. Basically, Fall Out Orgy. If this squicks you, don't read. This is the first time I've written straight up porn, and it probably wasn't the best starting place.

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